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Studio Safety Measures against Covid19

To protect the safety of our artists and clients, Japan Voice Talent encourages the following measures to be taken during recordings.


Studio Safety Measures against Covid19 We would like to respectfully remind staff and fellow narrators to continue giving great care to the following points: 1. Recording booths: a. Should be aired and equipment disinfected between each recording and crossover of narrators. b. Should be entered only by the narrators and the sound engineer with mask on. c. The narrator should keep his/her mask on until the engineer has finished adjusting the mic, has left, and the booth door has been closed. d. The engineer adjusting the mic should not touch the cough lever, the cue light or the volume dial after they have been disinfected. He/she can gesture towards the equipment when explaining about it. e. If multiple narrators are recording together in the booth, they should be placed at a safe distance apart from one another, there should be a partition between them, and their seats and mics should be placed either back to back or side by side. They should not be facing each other. Should they need to face each other, keep a distance of two meters. 2. Directors, rewriters and clients should keep a distance from the narrators: a. All instructions should be given through the talkback monitor. b. Rewriters/Clients should discuss the script (including changes) through the talkback monitor and not standing over the narrator or touching/writing on the narrator’s script. 3. Discussions about the script and video editing: a. Clients, rewriters and directors should not keep the narrators in the booth while having lengthy discussions about the wording of the script or editing of the film. b. Discussions like these should happen before the narrator arrives or after he/she leaves. c. If these discussions must happen while the narrator is present, the booth door should be opened so the booth can be aired out, or the narrators should be invited to have a break. This is especially important if there is more than one narrator in the booth. d. In general, we should strive to shorten our time in the windowless booth as much as possible as well as air the booth once every hour. 4. Communication between studio staff and narrators: Open and respectful communication is encouraged between studio staff and narrators. While we narrators turn to our agents, studio staff and each other with our concerns and requests, we ask that our agents and studio staff feel free to address any safety issues with us as well. We look forward to open communication, mutual respect and support, and a safe working environment. Wishing all our colleagues health and success! Respectfully, Tokyo International Narrators’ Group



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