Donna Burke


Donna has been living in Japan working as a professional singer and actor since 1996 and started Dagmusic in 2004. Her hobbies are making and watching wood fires, gardening, making bread, watching her cats and reading young adult fiction books. Her favorite quote is “It is easy to be heavy, but hard to be light” by G.K. Chesterton.

Michael Bain


Michael hails from Brisbane, Australia and has been in Japan since 2014. You'll probably find him at home playing video games, making something up on the piano, or out and about exploring Tokyo's video game music scene. A fine balance between 'Nerd' and 'Geek', he uses his gaming skills to solve all sorts of projects and challenges within Dagmusic. His favorite quote is  "Hard work brings you to where luck is" by Falk Au Yeong

Bill Benfield


Bill grew up in London and moved to Tokyo in 1981. He is an accomplished guitar and mandolin player. Bill enjoys cooking and his favorite quote is "A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it’s not open" by Frank Zappa

Our Story

Japan Voice Talent is a branch with roots from Dagmusic.

Since 2004, Dagmusic has been working with Japanese companies who need non-Japanese talent for games, documentaries, anime etc. 

Since around 2016, we started getting more inquiries from clients outside Japan looking for Japanese voices so we created a simple website, Japan Voice Talent, to help them find us.  We had experienced enormous frustration trying to secure Japanese voice actors and we live here! so we knew that we could help companies outside of Japan.


Voice Actors in Japan are like gods. If you cast your project with the wrong voice actor in a movie or game then the Japanese public will be disappointed and angry. Many a great production has arrived in Japan, being poorly adapted and cast, resulting in lack lustre reviews and sales.

Please relax knowing you are being cared for by an experienced, friendly team who are fluent in
English and Japanese. We use a small team of trusted professionals and refuse more jobs than we take on to maintain great quality.

Dagmusic is owned by veteran voice actor and singer Donna Burke. Donna has lived in Japan since

1996 and started Dagmusic in 2004 to meet a growing demand from Japanese clients to have a

trusted studio to cast and record singers and voice actors that would meet the demands of

international consumers.