Donna has been living in Japan working as a professional singer and actor since 1996 and started Dagmusic in 2004. Her hobbies are making and watching wood fires, gardening, making bread, watching her cats and reading young adult fiction books. Her favorite quote is “It is easy to be heavy, but hard to be light” by G.K. Chesterton.


Donna Burke

Michael hails from Brisbane, Australia and has been in Japan since 2014. You'll probably find him at home playing video games, making something up on the piano, or out and about exploring Tokyo's video game music scene. A fine balance between 'Nerd' and 'Geek', he uses his gaming skills to solve all sorts of projects and challenges within Dagmusic. His favorite quote is  "Hard work brings you to where luck is" by Falk Au Yeong

Director of Operations

Michael Bain

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Vivian was born in China and raised in New Zealand. She graduated from the University of Sydney with a degree in Media. Her favorite singer in high school was Japanese and that's how she started learning Japanese. Vivian is a trilingual professional. Her favorite video game is the Uncharted series, but she hasn’t completed it once yet although she tries. Recently she is into PUBG. Her favorite saying is “Happiness lies in contentment."

Executive Coordinator

Vivian Ma

Bill grew up in London and moved to Tokyo in 1981. He is an accomplished guitar and mandolin player. Bill enjoys cooking and his favorite quote is "A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it’s not open" by Frank Zappa


Bill Benfield

Born in Tokyo, Lisa is half Colombian and half Japanese. (She says it's very difficult to live when FIFA is on)! Her favorite movies are Seven Samurai, Star Wars, and Bagdad Cafe. She enjoys swimming and experimental cooking and likes Buffalo boneless chicken with blue cheese sauce (with KIRIN Ichiban shibori beer). Her favorite singers are Ella Fitzgerald andFrank Sinatra.  Her favorite phrase is  "Never too late."

Head of Sales

Lisa Kanai

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Adam was born and raised in Sydney. He started learning classical piano at the age of 5, although learning bass and electric guitar were the catalyst for him exploring all forms of music. Having been in Japan as a student, as well as worked in Japan’s tourism/hospitality industry, he is confident in using Japanese in various situations. His favourite line is the song title “The Shadow Proves the Sunshine” by the band Switchfoot.

Project Manager

Adam Macindoe

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