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We have strict Terms and Conditions when working with new clients from outside of Japan.

Please read them before you proceed.
Click here to Download our Terms of Service

If you are OK with our Terms and Conditions, please email your inquiry to :


Japanese Voiceover

Prices from 20,000~70,000 JPY per hour

Cast and book talents for voice acting and narration for video games, commercials, movies, e-learning, informational videos/presentations, and so much more.


Script Adaptaton

Prices start at 3,000~ JPY per page

Native speaking editors will check your script for quality and rewrite it as necessary to suit your needs/audience. Bilingual directors mean your project's audience receives nuanced and correct wording.


Studio booking

Prices start at 13,000~ JPY per hour

Your project will be recorded in Tokyo, and our staff will ensure that everything goes smoothly. Due to Covid-19 precautions, we are asking that clients pay for 30 minutes of studio airing between voice actors. 



Prices start at 7,000~ JPY per hour

Experienced engineers will ensure that the project is recorded according to your requirements. Ask about a value discount for projects over 20 hours.

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