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How We Work

1. Send us your inquiry

Please provide some background information and share your inquiry with us.


  • What is your budget?

  • What is the purpose of your project? WebCM? Audio guide?

  • How many voice talents do you need?

  • What is the estimated recording hour?

  • How many words are there in the script?

2. Consultation & Samples 

We will check your project details and provide feedback and consultation to help you make the right choices. 

We want to talk to new clients directly over video chat. If you are wanting something quickly please note we have a protocol about taking on new clients


After a chat, we will supply voice samples and profiles of the artists who best fit the nature and demands of your project.


3. Booking

After you’ve made your selection, let us arrange the studio schedule, and coordinate the talent and director for you.



Your project will be handled by experienced and caring bilingual staff .


Phone: +81 70 2187 8899


We have strict Terms and Conditions when working with new clients from outside of Japan.

Please read them before you contact us
Click here to Download our Terms of Service

Success! Message received.

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