Bilingual Studio in Tokyo

- Source Connect 
- Post-production service

- Bilingual engineers


Please note- we are based in Tokyo, Japan

Studio Equipment

Whisper Room 5 feet x 7  feet for two people
Mac Mini
Pro Tools 12
Cubase 8
Genelec 8030
RME Fireface 802
UA -1176
Amek 9098 Compressor
Focusrite ISA One Analogue Single Channel Preamp

Waves Diamond
Melodyne 4 Assistant

AKG C414 B
Neumann KMS105 x2
Sony MDR-7506
Sennheiser HD280

Cue System
Furman HDS-6
Furman HR-6


Studio Prices

Studio  Only (no engineer)  = From ¥10,000 per hour
Engineer + Studio = From ¥10,000 per hour
Post production = From ¥7,000 per hour



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