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How do we select the right voices for each project?

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Japan Voice Talent works with a lot of talented Japanese voice actors in Tokyo. As each voice actor has different talents and characters, many people wonder how "the right voices" are selected for each project. So we interviewed some of our experts what they do to select the right voices for a project.

Bill Benfield - CEO, Executive Editor

"We take a two-pronged approach, focusing on the artist and the client.

In the case of artists, we try to find the best talent available across a wide range of styles and ages. We encourage voice artists to provide high-quality sound samples that show off their entire range, whether it is the different types of characters they can play or the various styles they are comfortable with, e.g. anime, drama, advertising, technical, etc.

As for clients, we encourage them to provide full details of the project they are casting and specify the kind of voices they are looking for. The voice samples available on our website will often be sufficient for them to make their initial choice, but we are always ready to consult and suggest the voices that we think will work best for them. To help clients make an even more informed decision, we are also happy to ask the selected candidates to record (at no extra charge) a custom sample that is specifically related to the project."

Michael Bain - Operational Manager

"Knowing our artists, having a musical background, and experience over time - These three combined with a clear context from our clients always makes selection smooth.

Lisa Kanai - Client Relationship Manager

"We ask our clients to provide each character's visual images and descriptions to understand more about each character. And then, we match the image of the character with voice actors using our talent book.

Kip Lima - Project Manager "I try to focus on the client’s criteria for the voice talent or the points about the character they want to emphasize, and then choose artists who fit those needs."

Anna Uchida - Artist Coordinator

"I read the details that clients gives me, and listen to the VA who I think would suit the voice to double check before sending them as candidates.

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